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"I went to see Showing On at the relentless insistance of my son Patrick who swore she was the best in the business. I suffered pain in my right wrist, the result of an accident which shattered every bone in my wrist. Three opperations later I had limited mobility, atrophy in my fingers, and chronic pain. I had little hope of ever being pain free, but needed some relief, even temporary, and more movement in my wrist and fingers.

From our first session I not only experienced more mobility, but total relief. I no longer have that mind numbing chronic pain in my wrist. Pain I now have is merely the result of over using or over taxing a weak wrist (I tend to forget I have limited use!). Pain never stays. I feel better than I have in the two years since I broke my wrist. The herbs she has given me to take have made me feel healthier, more energetic and have greatly diminished symtoms from menopause. I have minimal hot flashes and no longer suffer from night sweats, for which I am eternally grateful. The herbs even managed to cut off a miserable head cold!

Showing is a rare find and I am grateful to my son for his insistance. I am certainly healthy and pain free thanks to her knowledgable care. From the bottom of my heart...thank you!
-Susan S.

"It is wonderful what Showing has done with my quality of life. Before I came to see her, I'd have debilitating sciatica where I couldn't even roll out of bed, and my knees hurt so bad I couldn't enjoy my daily walks. Originally I was only seeing her for massage, but one day my knee pain was so severe, I got a cortisone shot, that didn't help much at all. I was going to get a massage from her that day anyway, and after the needles the pain disappeared. She definitely has the touch and I would recommend Showing to anyone."
-John M., retired labor advocate

"For a while there, I thought I might never have a child of my own. Both of my Fallopian tubes are blocked and I'd already gone through two IVF procedures. But I found Showing and with her help I now have my beautiful boy Aidan."
-Mia D., baker and happy mother

"I've been seeing Showing consistently for a couple of years now. I am very glad to have found her, for things are much better in my life now. Physically, my fibroids have gone down from "20 months pregnant" to "16 months." And in my work as a dog walker, tasks with my arms and wrists are much more manageable with her treatments. Emotionally, I have been able to tackle the things that life throws at us. Working with Showing has been wonderful and I wholeheartedly recommend her."
-Ruth J., dog walker

"Showing helped me with this very sharp pain I was having near my shoulder blade. I saw her for massage for a few weeks, and while the pain would go away with the treatment, it would come back. I have a history of digestive problems (diverticulitis and gallstones), and Showing suspected there were internal issues going on as well, so she convinced me to get acupuncture treatment as well. After just one acupuncture treatment and two weeks of herbs, I felt so much better, it was fantastic."
-Miguel G., plumber

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  • Chronic and acute pain
    (neck pain, low back pain, arthritis, repititive stress injuries (RSI), TMJ, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia)
  • Stress-related problems
  • Depression, anxiety, addiction
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Common cold
  • Allergies/Hay fever and asthma
  • Acid reflux and heartburn (GERD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastro-intestinal issues
  • PMS and menstrual pain
  • Infertility (male and female)
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